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Here are some of the testimonies from our previous customers. 

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We got the sweetest, smartest most beautiful shorthair exotic kitten in the universe from Altyn Cattery in North Port Fl. I've owned cats & dogs all my life but never had a pet like this guy. His name is Mr. Pushkin. He is so lovable, he follows us everywhere we go & participates in everything we do. He is so playful. He is so much fun and makes us so happy. He's 8 months old now. Getting him is the best thing we ever did. The owner  Nina is so wonderful  & helpful, I call her all the time. She really cares about her cats. She's become a friend. If you're looking for an exotic or Persian cat, We highly recommend Atlyn Cattery.


- Al & Barbara Bartolomeo



I really recommend Altyn Cattery. My husband and I adopted our Tutu---a snow white exotic short hair boy from Nina last March (2014). He is just fantastic, we call him our miracle cat! He is definitely different from all the other cats that we had previously. He is so friendly, mellow, calm, laid back, and clever in nature. He didn't even need time to adjust to us or our home. Usually, cats are scared when moving into a new environment or getting adopted by new people. Tutu was not! He immediately started playing with us when we first took him home just like we are his old friends. He is so mellow and friendly to every visitor to our home. Our other cats would always hide if we have guests in the house while Tutu will go greet them and play with them. Tutu is definitely standing out from all the other cats that we had. We believe Tutu's polite and gentle nature definitely come from his fantastic biological parents and the great care from Nina. We definitely believe we have got the greatest life companion. There is no other breeder I would recommend other than Nina. 


- Chen Miller



Pumpkin is PERFECT. I and my mother could not be happier. He is the most wonderful cat. I can't believe he is real. He is the BEST companion for her. He is so smart and active. His coat has grown in thick. He follows my mother everywhere she goes. He loves people, even strangers.  I've never seen anything like it. He behaves like a dog. I can't believe his personality could ever be duplicated. It was just meant to be.


- Dan F.



Hi Nina, 
We bought this baby from you right after Christmas. I want you to know I've never loved a kitten so much as I do her!!! Thank you a million times over for selling her to us! Here are some pictures of her - she's so beautiful! We named her Alara. She's perfect, she acts like she's human extremely lovable and totally attached to me. She is my love.


- Kath & Charlie

I am writing this to let anyone know what a pleasure it was to deal with Atlyn Cattery and Nina.
This testimony could have turned out much differently if not for Nina.  I contacted her because of her website and found out that she was on the way when I went to my daughters. I asked could I come by to see the cattery and that I was very interested in a kitten.  We made plans for me to come a few days later.  The afternoon before I was to go there I got an email from her and she said that a previous customer had put a deposit on her last kitten.  I was crushed and immediately emailed back how upset I was.  She then contacted me and said there was one more kitten that she was saving for herself and she would be willing to let me see that kitten. I arrived 2 days later to a very neat, clean, no animal urine smell cattery that is actually behind glass doors attached to the living room.
She showed me the kitten and it was love at first sight.  I took Roxie home that afternoon.


Nina did everything she said she would do.  I would deal with her again.  Because she allowed us to have her special kitten she has made me and my husband very happy. Roxie is the new love of our life.  She is the most beautiful kitten and the sweetest temperament of any kitten I have ever known.  Roxie left one good home with her mother and now she has a good home in St.Petetsburg.  Fl.


- Cecily


​Nina, I wanted to take a minute and thank you for the wonderful kitten we adopted from you. My son Sam was moving to Orlando from California and all he could talk about was an Exotic Shorthair kitten. I found your website and called, and you were so helpful, warm and professional. You sent us a picture of the cutest little girl I had ever seen. My son and I fell in love. We picked her up from your house the next week. Your house was immaculate. I would never have known you raised kittens had you not brought them out to show us. We took Callie home in a shoebox and she slept the whole 2 hours. It has been two weeks now and she is such a wonderful little girl. She loves to play with balls, mice toys and climbs all over the cat tree. She uses her scratchboard, comes when we call her and sleeps with my son. She follows us around like a puppy. She is gentle, friendly with my son's friends, playful and happy. You have a special gift for raising these amazing babies. I would recommend you and your kittens to anyone who is looking to adopt an Exotic baby. Thanks again for all you do Nina.


- Beckie and Sam



It was a pleasure when we meet our new kitten companion! She is now almost 2 years and she is a healthy and beautiful exotic Persian! Altyn Cattery was the best choice we could even decide. When we first met Nina we didn’t know much about this breed. And she answers all our questions even today! We definitely recommend Altyn Cattery as a choice to get your Persian companions, we guarantee you that you will not regret this choice!


- Ivan and Fernanda



Hello, I am writing to tell you about the amazing experience I had during the recent adoption of my new kitten “KiKi from Altyn Cattery in North Port, Florida.

I searched all over Florida via the internet trying to find the perfect Persian kitten to bring home for the holidays. I am very picky and was willing to wait as long as was needed to find the perfect match. Then I came across the Altyn Cattery website and saw a picture of their adoptable kittens and as soon as I saw the picture of KiKi I fell in love. After speaking with the owners on the phone and having all of my questions and concerns patiently addressed, I made an appointment to go out and meet with them. It was quite an initial commitment as they live three and a half hours away from me on the west coast of Florida. When I got there, I was greeted by the owners who live in a well maintained home with several kittens running around playing with their mother and father close by. I felt immediately comfortable. We sat and talked for a while and they were very gracious and informative answering all of my questions regarding my new kittens care and I could really tell that they love what they do. Their only concern was in making sure that KiKi was going to a good and loving home and once all were satisfied, I took her home with a small bag of starter food, her medical papers and a smile. I’ve had KiKI now for almost two weeks and have had regular communication with Altyn since, me sending them photos and videos of KiKis progress and they lending me advice regarding food and care. I cannot say enough good things about my experience and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Altyn Cattery’s services to others. Thanks


- Debie K.



I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know our feelings about our baby. We absolutely love our Punim!  He is so so delicious. I want to thank you for the care you gave him since he was born!  He is so very very special.


- Bunny D.

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