We are a PKD negative CFA registered cattery located in the Beautiful Sunshine State of Florida. We are located in Sarasota County, Florida. We specialize in solid, tabby, bi-colors Persians and Exotics Kittens.  We sell kittens as show, breed, and pet quality. The price is dependant on the quality of the kittens. If our babies are adopted as pets, we do require that you sign a Pet spay/neuter Contract for all of our pet kittens.


If you want to reserve a kitten, we require a deposit which must be placed within this 24 hours time period after a verbal agreement of purchase. The kittens will be offered to the next available client if we do not receive the deposit.


Our kittens are sold in great health conditions without fleas and worms. They receive their 1st vaccination and possibly a 2nd, given the age and the time of the kitten’s age prior to purchase. A health certificate or a health guarantee will be provided with a purchase of our kitten(s). The typical age the kittens go to their new home is around 10-12 weeks.

Before contacting us please read the "Adoption Terms & Conditions", most of your questions will be answered in the terms.


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