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5 Things you Need to buy before buying a new exotic kitten

Updated: Jan 23, 2023

If you are getting ready to bring home a new kitten to be part of your family, you need to make sure he/she feels right at home. For this we have made a list of items that you must acquire prior to bringing your new bundle of joy home. Of course, this is just a basic list and you can definitely get more items as you please, but this can be a good guide to get you started.

1. Kitty Litter & Litter Box

Your kitten will need a place to go to the bathroom the first day it comes home with you. Having the proper kitty litter and litter box will be a great way to get them trained going into one spot. There are many options to choose from so you can start with a basic box and move up from there or you can do more research and see what you think is the best choice for you.

2. Kitty Bed for Naps and Sleep

Just like humans, little kittens love a comfy bed to sleep on. For starters you can get something small. Or you can invest into something practical the kitten can use once it's grown. Make sure whatever you chose, it is soft and warm. There is a high chance your new friend will want to sleep next to you but it's always well to have their own bed.

3. Scratching Pots and Other Cat Furniture

If you want to protect your furniture, then you should invest into getting some furniture for your cat. Everyone knows that cats love to scratch. And the best way to help them with that itch is to get him/her a Scratching Post. However, you can get them a Cat Tree instead that already has scratching post incorporated in the structure. Make sure the scratching post is at least 25" to 30" tall. It should be positioned vertically. And most importantly it should be steady and sturdy. 

4. Food and Treats to Reward your Kittens

There are so many different options for cat food. Where do you start? In order to keep it simple for you, I have selected the best 3 options I like to feed my kittens with. 

5. Bowls for for Food and Water

Don't forget the water bowl, your precious kitten will be thirsty after a healthy meal. There are many options for food and water bowls. You can just get simple customization bowls like these or you can be fancy and get a feeder that hooks up to your smartphone like this one. There are endless possibilities.

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